Freelance Web Development in Malta

Freelance Web Development in Malta

Who am I?
My name is Mark Anthony Farrugia, and apart from being a teacher, I’m an experienced freelance web developer, specializing in enterprise applications. I am based in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean and I can help you design a tailor made web application which will suit your needs. I am sure that such systems can help your business be more efficient and effectively help it grow.

What can I do?
All my websites are tailor made to each user unique requirements. Full client support is given after each system implementation so that this implementation goes as smoothly as possible. More importantly, I ensure that all your problems are solved as quicky, and efficiently as possible.

Why choose me?
When contracting a freelancer and especially MarkAFarrugia you gain several advantages including

  1. The focus is made in developing a tailor-made application which will solve your business problems. I do not believe in a one size fits all methodology. Every business can have its own special requirements and I will be able to ensure that your specific business problems are addressed.
  2. No contracts – You only pay for what you need. No maintenance fees are charged.
  3. Freelancers, and especially myself, are motivated to make your business a success since a one-to-one relationship is nurtured while your tailor-made application is being developed.
  4. Projects are delivered on time or before expectations.
  5. Much Lower rates than any other commercial company

Here you can view some of my succesful projects implemented throughout the years. You will find out that there were a myriad of websites which have been developed, mainly stock control, real estate, project management and e-commerce systems. Contact me to set up an appointment to discuss your website requirements. I can also provide a trial version of the project management and stock control software which are also found in my portfolio.